Music & Tarot – The Fool


While I have been reading cards for quite some time, it can sometimes be difficult to remember the intended meaning of every card. I had the thought a little while back that it would be an interesting challenge to assign a song to each card. Music has been an important influence in my life for as long as I can remember. What better way to recall card meanings than this? They say songs have the power to bring us back to particular moments in our past and the Tarot is essentially a journey through life.

I hope you will follow along and participate. I would love to know what song you would attach to each card.

Today’s Card

The Fool (aka The Greenman, The Wanderer)

The first card is typically known as The Fool. He is generally depicted as being a fledgling about to embark on a grand journey. The Fool is hopeful, excited, and a bit naive because he does not know the dangers that lie ahead. He is innocent and trusting.

  • OPEN

My Song Choice

Alive – Edwin

I chose this song because the lyrics are hopeful and idealistic. The singer has an incredibly optimistic view of world as you will see in the lyrics. This happens to be one of my favorite songs because it inspires me to see the world through rose-colored glasses much as The Fool does.

Check back next Thursday for the next card.

Ain’t it good to be alive?


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