Music & Tarot – Ace of Cups (Chalices)

Ace of Cups (Chalices/Goblets/Vessels)

This card generally symbolizes abundance, love, fulfillment, and following a higher call. Most commonly depicted as an overflowing cup or The Holy Grail.


  • Love
  • New Love
  • Joy
  • Friendship
  • Fresh Start
  • Abundance
  • Fulfillment
  • Positive Change
  • Intuition
  • Happiness
  • Beginnings

My Song Choice

Something Like That – Tim McGraw

I chose this song because it is the epitome of new love! The lyrics take you through the classic tale of teenage love. But underlying this sweet story is the journey of working towards a goal and achieving it. The feeling you get when you reach your goal and the lifetime impression it leaves on you. I feel this is the perfect representation of the Ace of Cups! What song would you choose?

Check back next Thursday for the next card!

I worked so hard for that first kiss
And a heart don’t forget something like that

Tim McGraw

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