Bullet Journal Grimoire


Intrigued by how a book is constructed, I decided to give it a try. I fully believe that building, constructing, or creating something yourself gives it more “power” and allows a deeper “connection.”  So I searched YouTube for how-to videos and found some great ones by Sea Lemon.

I followed her videos through the process of folding and organizing the pages into signatures and then marking them for the hole punching that I would be sewing through.

Pages Organized Into Signatures and Marked for Punching

Then I had to learn how to do a Kettle Stitch to sew the pages into a block.

Signatures Sewn Into a Block

My husband and I built a book press in order press the glued block into a text block. When we first attempted Sea Lemon’s design, the book did not press flat. The edge of the book acted like a fulcrum and caused the board to tip off the pages and actually started to split. Enter the “Let’s make shit work” guy (aka my hubby) who decided we needed to add some sheet metal to it to give it some support. It worked pretty good!

Text Block Being Pressed in Home Made Book Press

While the glue dried on that, I had to decide what I wanted my cover to look like. I chose some fairly simple images that represented some of my spirit guides and compiled them into an image I thought would look pleasing.

Then came the difficult part: transferring the design to the green garment leather I picked up at the local fabric store. I used a bone folder to press through the paper to the surface and then traced over it lightly with a pen. I am sure there are easier methods but I’m too impatient to wait to acquire things and so I made it work.

Over the next few days, I spent my evenings embroidering the green leather until my design was finished.

Embroidery is Partially Completed on the Cover Leather

Next came putting the book together. I had to layout the book boards (I used packaging cardboard) over the leather and glue them in place, trim away the excess leather on snip the corners, attach the text block to the cover and glue it all together.

Preparing the Book Cover for Attachment

Once it was put together the book had to sit in the book press for a while again but it came out looking awesome!

Completed Hand-bound Bullet Journal Grimoire 


Now what to do with this book?

I had been discussing Journals, Books of Shadow (BoS), and Grimoires in a spiritual group that I am part of.  I wanted something that would allow me to keep track of all my interests: Physical Activity Plans, Oracles, Life Cycles, and Spirituality. Elements of journalling, and keeping a BoS or Grimoire, really appeal to me. Since I am still discovering my Spiritual Path, I am still figuring out what feels right. I don’t see my self writing spells so a Book of Shadows or Grimoire solely didn’t seem right.

I do want to write thoughts about oracle, tarot, and rune meanings.  Record spreads that I design. Track the Solstices and the Equinoxes. Follow the Moon Phases. Plan my trail running program. You get the point.

Obviously I needed a flexible system. Enter the Bullet Journal. I stumbled on an article about keeping a bullet journal and I was so interested! This seemed easy to do and some of the pages I saw were pretty amazing!

So I created some pages of my own that I think are pretty great!

Quote and Mood Flower Bullet Journal Grimoire Page
Wheel of the Year Bullet Journal Grimoire Pages
Dragonfly Tarot and Oracle Spread and Totem Meaning Bullet Journal Grimoire Page
Moon Phase Bullet Journal Grimoire Page
Trail Running Bullet Journal Grimoire Page
Bullet Journal Grimoire Daily Page and Beltane Page

I am really happy with how my Bullet Journal Grimoire is turning out and I hope to fill it up with all the things I love!

Have you bound a book or created your own version of a Bullet Journal, Book oF Shadows or Grimoire? I’d love to hear about it!

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