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Daily Reveal – Aug 8


Consult your experience and the lessons you’ve learned when proceeding today. Know that you have the wisdom to make the best choice for yourself.  This isn’t the first time you have had to assess a situation but you should be more practiced at. What did you previously do in a similar situation? What worked? What didn’t? Trust that you have the knowledge to guide you.


Evaluate what parts of your life need to be balanced. When you have so many things going on it can be difficult to focus on where you have too much of something and where you have too little. Take some time to make an assessment of where things need to change. Then start making the efforts to bring these areas back to their equilibrium.


Everything you want in life can be achieved if you set clear intentions. Know where you want to go and send that intention out into the world. Make choices that support that intention over and over. Where you focus your energy is important! The more you focus on your intention the more power you give it and the more likely the Universe will reflect it back to you. Make sure, as well, that your intentions are pure and aligned with your soul purpose.

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Daily Reveal – Aug 8

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