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Daily Self Discovery – Aug 9

Do you remain grounded but still have faith that things will turn out? It is important that we see the bumps and obstacles in our path as opportunities. These are moments when we get to see what we are really made of! Believe that these obstacles are there for a purpose and you will begin to learn.

It is very easy to fall into the “why me?” or the “why is everything so hard?” mentalities. When you start to recognize what you are doing, you have the opportunity to begin to change and grow. You might feel like you are stuck in that job but what will you do about it? Will you find a way to make the job better? Will you seek out a new career? The power really is in your hands.

Spiritual lessons are not always easy to learn. Sometimes faith is incredibly elusive. However, when you believe in your higher powers and know that they are guiding you towards your life’s purpose, you may find some comfort and begin to see your obstacles as chances to grow.

What challenges will you turn into opportunities?


Red Jasper – To help ease the worry you have about the obstacles in your path.

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