Daily Reveal – Aug 9

Daily Reveal – Aug 9

PLANTING MOON – Preparation

Prepare yourself for the ventures ahead by clearing out your space, weeding out what no longer serves you or is not in line with your purpose, and beginning to narrow your focus to the areas that will best support your goals and life purpose. The preparing well will help you be reading for things and give you a good foundation from which to work from.

GEMINI – The Twins

You have a lot going on and may feeling pulled in many directions. You need to pay attention to what is calling you and start recognizing what things pull you the most. If there are opportunities for you to socialize in the near future, go! Interact and engage people and you will learn much!


Don’t drop the ball on your ongoing projects. Reign in your attention and finish your projects. If you need some help getting focused, try meditating or candle magic. Create idea maps and boards or collages. Create a mantra to help keep you on track. Pay attention to what things spark the energy in you. Is it anger? Is it desire? Is it curiosity? Learn what works for you and harness it into your creative projects.

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