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Daily Self Discovery – Aug 10

Are you lazy like the fat cat in this pic? Or are you full of action like the cheetah? Sometimes we laze about because we don’t have a purpose. At the very least, that purpose isn’t at the forefront of our minds. People who are prone to action are generally high energy people. You can see and sometime feel the energy coming off them. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be high energy or burst into action. I am much more active than I was a year ago. And last year I was more active than the year before that.

What things make you want to jump up and do something? Do you have a sport you like to do? Does a certain song or type of music make you want to get up and move? Do adventures call you head out the door? I like to be part of things so if a friend says, hey let’s go…. I am all over it! I like to run and lately I have really been into yoga and kayaking. MUSIC! I have already attended 2 concerts this year and I have tickets to 2 more. I LOVE dancing and this last week, being solo, I have cranked my stereo and let loose. (FYI My dog thinks I’m nuts). I dream and plan adventures regularly and they get more exciting all the time.

What will call you to action?


Citrine – To bring the joy and confidence needed to transform you from the fat cat to the cheetah.

Bronzite  – To promote masculine energy and self-esteem.

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Cheetah – Action 

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