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Daily Reveal – Aug 10

Three of Swords

Even though you may be feeling lost or separated from those you care about, it is important that you learn to release yourself from their criticisms. Past hurts are undermining your confidence. You are not fully being you if you are worrying all the time about the opinions of others. You are WORTH being LOVED. But you must love yourself first. Don’t sacrifice yourself in the hopes of being loved by others.

Eight of Shields

Have you been enjoying the work that do you? Are you employing your talents in a way that is satisfying?  If not, it time to start moving yourself in that direction. It may even be time to take up those lessons you were considering. New employment possibilities are on the horizon. Seek them out.

Ten of Cups

Count your blessings and appreciate all that your home has to offer you. This is time of happiness and fulfillment. Goals are being reached and you are beginning to feel comfortable. This doesn’t mean it is time to slack off though! Resting and enjoying this moment is encouraged but don’t get stuck here! We all enjoy these feelings but continued growth is key to long-term satisfaction.

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Daily Reveal – Aug 10

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