The Protagonist – NaNoWriMo and Tarot

My protagonist will be based off the Knight of Coins. This Knight is known to be practical, dependable, hardworking but youthful in that strength and vitality have not yet come under control. This card is bright green and gold so I am thinking she will be blonde and green eyed with golden skin.

Generally the pros for this card are: responsible, reliable, helpful, honorable, alert, protective, diligent. The cons are: critical, jealous, dissatisfied, and insecure.

The Character Interview

What kind of job, if any, does she have?
7 of Swords
Stealth, theft, sneakiness, trickery, and subversion are the keywords here. Fitting, since this story is a Mercenary Suspense/Thriller! I almost laughed when I saw the man creeping in the window!

Defining Characteristic
King of Coins
The keywords that resonated the most for me were dependable, responsible, loyal, hardworking, purposeful. I think I was only supposed to pick one but I feel like its going to come down to one or two of these.

What makes her memorable or forgettable?
9 of Swords
Loss, suffering, doubt, pain, questioning choices, malice, burden, pity. I’m thinking she’s a tortured soul.

What talents does she have?
Metamorphosis. The power of transformation. She’ll be able to adapt and change as needed. Is likely a good thing in field or mercenaries.

What is her greatest flaw?
Five of Cups
Boredom, dissatisfaction, discontent which can be a pretty big flaw when it consumes your life.

What is her greatest strength?
Queen of Swords
Bright, analytical, fair, independent, perceptive.

What is her deepest desire?
Seven of Cups
Tricky tricky this one is. This card is all about illusions and fantasy. Does this mean that her deepest desire is really just a fantasy?

What is her deepest fear?
Knight of Wands
Another intriguing one. Is she afraid of becoming a leader? Or is she feeling afraid of really living life?

What is her family life like?
Three of Coins
Seems like they are all business. A hard-working bunch they are.

What is her personal motivation?
The Empress
Love, motherhood, nurturing. She wants to be part of a loving family?

What is her name?

Well I assigned the the suits as follows:

Swords – Fierce/Edgy
Wands – Magical
Coins – Earthy
Cups – Intuitive
Major – Unique

I decided I wanted the protagonist to have 3 names so I pulled 3 cards. I pulled two coins and a wand. After looking up earthy names and magical names I have come up with: Austen Verbena Dragonetti.

This has been a super fun experience so far. To follow along with Tea for Tarot: NaNoWriMoTarot Day 2

Picking the Genre: The Genre – NaNoWriMo & Tarot

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