Craft Your Premise – NaNoWriMo & Tarot

Craft Your Premise – NaNoWriMo & Tarot

Craft Your Premise connects the whole story. Here we get a bit of back story, a sense of the present, and a glimpse of the future with the classic Past-Present-Future spread. This little bit of insight helps us understand why Austin does what she does, what her current mental state is, and what her wishes for the future are.

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Austin thought she had everything figured out. Life was good and she was satisfied.  Generally when The World appears it signifies that the journey is complete. But Austin is much too young to have really come this stage in life.  However, it’s entirely possible that Austin believed she had all her bases covered, but in the end, she still has lessons to learn.


Being such a diligent and faithful worker, Austin takes on too much work. Overworked and overburdened, she is bound to make mistakes. Even if she doesn’t believe she will. Additionally, she doesn’t see that she needs to rest at all. This is a common belief among the younger generations and so I believe that Austin hasn’t reached 30 years of age yet. This card generally represents being capable of great things but a tendency to take on too much.


This bodes well! Austin just might figure out what she needs to do to have a better work/life balance. The Two of Coins represents balance and harmony lending us hope that Austin will see herself through this mess and come out able to juggle the fluctuating demands better.


In summary, we have a pretty good understanding of who our protagonist is at the core. This spread reveals her false conception that she handle everything, her drive to succeed that has her taking on too much work, and the possibility that she will learn from this and come out ahead.

To catch up on how we got here, see: Day 1 – The Genre, Day 2 – The Protagonist, and Day 3 – The Journey Begins

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