Oracle Infographic – Part 2 – Tools of Divination – Other Methods

This Oracle Infographic – Part 2 gives a basic rundown of what the most common oracles are outside the scope of cartomancy and alphabets. It is by no means an exhaustive exploration of what each of them are. Simply a quick tool to understanding what the differences are.

When you are just entering the divination world, the overwhelming number of forms and tools for practicing can be incredibly intimidating and frustrating. I know that I personally found it difficult trying to decipher all the differences!

Other Methods

This grouping of methods are more likely to call up the image of the fortune telling gypsy. Tea leaves and palmistry especially! These practices have a long history that I won’t go into here, but are also legitimate forms of reading. However, they do tend to require a bit more reliance on your intuition.

Lithomancy bears the most resemblance to Cartomancy  and Alphabets in that each stone is ascribed a meaning that can be interpreted in a spread. I I included it here instead of the on the previous infographic  because simpler forms of lithomancy do not ascribe meanings to each stone so much as a meaning in how the stones fall. This form of reading is more similar to tea leaves in that you are looking for shapes and patterns.

Pendulums respond your intrinsic impulses. What you know or believe is transferred to the pendulum through your fingertips and displays as a swinging pendulum. It can be tricky to master and get comfortable with but is one of the easiest tools to get started with. A pendulum can be a simple as a needle hanging from thread.

Tea leaves require you tap into your psyche and intuition more so that the rest of the methods noted here because you have to be able to see and recognize patterns in the cup. You then have to be able to make sense of what you are seeing.

Palmistry and Astrology have a longer learning curve than most divination methods. For Palmistry there are no two hands the same so the possibilities are endless in interpreting them. Astrological charts can be very complex and time consuming to map out so if you are interested in this form of divination, be prepared to study a lot!

Future Infographics

I am working on putting together a few more infographics like this one. Let me know if you found this helpful and I am always open to suggestions. As previously mentioned that are a great many oracles for use out there. I had planned to include scrying in this one but I just couldn’t fit it in. The next infographic may include scrying, ouija boards, and dream interpretation.

To see these tools in action, check out my Reading Portfolio.

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