The Journey Begins – NaNoWriMo & Tarot

The Journey Begins – Day 3 of #NaNoWriMoTarot we begin exploring events. Tea is for Tarot prompts us find the Tower in our deck. The card to the left represents what sets this story in motion. The card to the right IS the event. Finally, the card at the bottom of the deck are the thoughts, feelings, and reactions of the protagonist to the event. If the cards seem unclear we are allowed to pull 1-2 cards to clarify.

To see Tea for Tarot’s full post: Day 3

As you can see, I required clarification on not only one card but two. When I found the first two cards, I went WTF? How does this translate? So I pulled an extra card for each and feel I have a better grasp of what is going on with my heroine.


The journey begins with Austin’s balance being shaken. Sending her world off-kilter. At the core of things, she thought she was on top of it all. Of course, she never believed she could make a mistake. It will take courage and persistence to to bring her world back into balance.


Now we begin to discover what is going on with Austin. Hard worker that she is, she’s been taking too many jobs and not giving herself time to rest. Determined to power through and get the job done, she makes a mistake and the target slips her trap.


So this card appeared at the bottom of the deck and represents her feelings on the matter. Well, like any human who has fucked up, she wishes she could lock herself away and pretend it never happened. But, she knows she can’t escape herself.

Catch up on what has developed so far here: Day 1 – The Genre & Day 2 – The Protagonist

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