The Heart of the Story – NaNoWriMo & Tarot

Today we flesh out what the story is all about. Tea is for Tarot created a 7 card spread aimed at discovering the heart of the story. We build the story up and discover what drives our characters. In doing so, we reveal their motivations. Check out the spread here: Day 6

What Austin is after:
Knight of Coins/4 of Cups
Austin seeks release from boredom even as she seeks a more dependable life.

What secondary goals does your hero have?
King of Swords
This one is obvious! Austin needs to catch the villain! This card represented our villain, Darius” career.

What challenges does Austin face?
10 of Coins
Austin is plagued by insecurity and her loyalties will soon be challenged.

What consequences will your hero face for their actions?
The High Priestess/10 of Cups
Hmmm. Positive consequences: enlightenment and happiness.  Negative consequences: secrets revealed and friends betrayed.

How will your villain try to stop them?
Death/The Tower
Darius plans to destroy her life and shake her faith. Darius wants Austin to feel like her world is crashing down around her.

What is your villain’s motivation?
Knight of Cups
Darius wants to be perceived as prince charming even though he is anything but.

What would/will your villain gain by defeating your hero?
He strengthens his power base. Darius becomes the all powerful god of his world. People follow his every word willingly and faithfully. His power will strengthen his empire.


The Genre
The Protagonist
The Journey Begins
Craft Your Premise
The Villain

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