The Villain – NaNoWriMo & Tarot

The villain (or antagonist) in this book will be based off the Queen of Coins. Interesting since our heroine, Austin, is also based on a coins court card. Because this is the villain, I decided to use the reversed aspects of this card. This Queen in reverse is known to be mean, selfish, materialistic, greedy, ruthless, and manipulative. These are excellent villain qualities! While this card generally represents a woman, I feel the villain is a man. The colors are green and gold like the protagonist, but the Queen in this card has wavy auburn hair and green/gray eyes and which I feel is a good description for my villain.

The pros (upright meaning) of the Queen of Coins that I feel fit my villain are: charm, sensuality, resourceful, orderly, and practical.

To see Tea Is For Tarot’s post for this: Day 5


What kind of job, if any, does he have?
King of Swords
Educated, expert, stern, knowledgeable, goal-oriented, strict, cruel, calculating. When I pulled this card, I got the feeling that he dealt in information. Possibly a crime boss who’s currency is information.

Defining Characteristic
The Lovers
Again I feel that the reverse aspects are more applicable here: he’s physically attractive and controlling.

What makes him memorable or forgettable?
The Sun
People fall under his sway because he is charming and attractive. It’s like you have the Sun shining on you when he looks your way. He’s self-assured and wealthy.

What talents does he have?
10 of Wands
Another overlap with our protagonist but expressed differently. His talents are delegation and competition. He’s out to win.

What is his greatest flaw?
Two of Cups
He’s emotionally withdrawn and isn’t able to connect with another person.

What is his greatest strength?
4 of Wands
He’s successful in all of his endeavors and has built himself an empire.

What is his deepest desire?
The World
He wants it all! His hope is that once he rules everything he will feel fulfilled.

What is his deepest fear?
The Devil
One might think this villain IS The Devil! But he’s afraid of being bound up and shackled. He doesn’t want to be attached to anything or anyone tempting as it might seem.

What is his family life like?
His family suffered many hardships but he is the polar opposite of the rest of them. Since he is successful this leads me to believe that is family members are petty thieves. Maybe even addicts.

What is his personal motivation?
9 of Cups
Satisfaction. All he wants in the world is to be satisfied, but he never is.


I assigned the the suits as follows:

Swords – Fierce/Edgy
Wands – Magical
Coins – Earthy
Cups – Intuitive
Major – Unique

I decided I wanted the villain to to have 3 names as well so I pulled 3 cards. I pulled two majors and a cup. After looking up unique and intuitive names I have come up with: Darius Vincent Concord.


The Genre
The Protagonist
The Journey Begins
Craft Your Premise

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