Finding the Conflict – NaNoWriMo & Tarot

Finding the conflict in the story. Today Tea for Tarot is challenging us to uproot the conflict in Austin’s story. What tensions are in store for her? To follow along: Day 7

Why does Austin even care?
Ace of Swords
Because hunting targets has become a bit of an obsession for her. It challenges her mind, allows her to think creatively, and allows her to express her authority. Might even let her express her darkness a bit.

What obstacles will Austin encounter?
8 of Swords
Austin will feel as though she is caught in a spider’s web. Interference, boundaries, and difficulties will have her feeling stuck.

What tools will Austin find to overcome these obstacles?
King of Swords
Austin will set goals and do her research. She might even take a page from Darius’ book and acquire some pertinent information to trade.

What will happen to raise the stakes?
10 of Swords
Everything goes sideways.

What is the urgency driving her?
6 of Cups
She’s haunted by her past mistakes and has realized she’s been getting defective information.

What uncertainty is there about the situation?
2 of Swords
Will Austin be able to remain impartial? Will things balance themselves out?

Where will your hero find a safe haven?
6 of Swords
She will find safe haven on a ship. She might even find a love interest to distract her.

What will threaten that sanctuary?
Page of Wands
Impulsiveness and a need to win will threaten Austin’s sanctuary.

What inner turmoil is Austin experiencing?
8 of Coins
She is well trained but is being overly cautious. She wants more responsibility but is afraid to take it.

Looks like our Austin has a lot to deal with!


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