The Love Story – NaNoWriMo & Tarot

The Love Story – NaNoWriMo and Tarot

The Love Story was a bonus spread that Tea is for Tarot  included on Day 8. (Bear with me as I catch up here! I was travelling over the weekend.) This spread was designed to introduce our heroine, Austin, to her true love!

The Cards

Represents Austin in the relationship.
2 of Cups
Interesting. I believe this represents her feeling comfortable and balanced in the relationship. This card represents mutual interests and friendship. These qualities are excellent factors in a good relationships so this bodes well! Check out the spreads here: Day 8

Austin’s love interest.
3 of Wands
Ooh! Intriguing! Austin’s love interest is confident and patient. He sets plans into motion and waits for things to fall into place! Possibly Austin is one of his plans??

How they will meet.
5 of Wands
Seems like there is to be a battle of wills! How exciting! Will they meet chasing the same thing for different purposes? Will they compete against each other? I’m on the edge of my seat!

Where they will meet.
9 of Coins
This card depicts a luxurious garden so they must be meeting in the courtyard or private garden of an estate. I wonder who’s estate?

What their initial feelings are towards one another.
10 of Wands
Looks like they are in strong competition against each other. Power struggles are ensuing but obviously they have a spark of attraction too.

Outcome for the relationship.
The Chariot
Success is a likely outcome for their relationship if they are both determined to make it work. I see prosperous ventures for them if they work together.

The Love Interest

I wanted to KNOW who the love interest would turn out to be so I drew a card and, what do you know, it was the Knight of Coins which is our heroine, Austin! Could it be that she must learn to love herself before she can love another? I felt this required a second pull and so drew the Page of Cups. Seems he will be complex! When coupled with the 3 of Wands from above, it makes for a dynamic individual. Gentle and kind, but a bit romantic too. Because the Page is blond and blue eyed I assume our heroine’s love interest will be the same. Most likely he is a bit younger than she is as well. Exciting!


The Genre
The Protagonist
The Journey Begins
Craft Your Premise
The Villain
The Heart of The Story
Meet The Supporting Cast

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