Build Your World – NaNoWriMo Tarot

Build Your World is the spread for this day. Tea is for Tarot created a 5 card spread to flesh out the world Austin is a part of. Darn it! I didn’t notice that day that she had a bonus card in there! I took the photos every day but just didn’t have the time to do the blog while travelling. See Tea is for Tarot’s post here: Day 9.

The World

Where does the story begin?
Knight of Pentacles
This is Austin’s card! Will we begin the story in her mind? Could be we start out in her dreaming mind. Might make for a good start!

What place is Austin traveling through?
7 of Cups
A world of choices that looks to be quite an opulent place. Riches abound and there are just so many choices here it is tough to know which way to go. Could indicate a place where there are multiple paying mercenary jobs that are difficult to choose between.

Where does Austin find unforeseen help?
8 of Coins
This card is all about workmanship. This could indicate unexpected help arises in a market or a school of some kind.

Where does the major climax take place?
8 of Wands
Well, well, well. I’m thinking we have some sky action here! We know we meet a bunch of skydiving adrenaline junkies along the way. Does the climax occur in a plane? Or does it occur falling at high speeds from the sky? Oh the suspense is killing me!

Where does the story end?
5 of Cups
A little disheartening on first glance to be truthful. This card is deeply worrying but stepping aside from what the card makes me feel and looking instead at the imagery, I might discern an actual location instead of an emotional ending. The space is dark and dank and appears to have brick walls. Could be a basement, a tunnel, or dungeon.


The Genre
The Protagonist
The Journey Begins
Craft Your Premise
The Villain
The Heart of The Story
Meet The Supporting 
The Love Story

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