Chapters – NaNoWriMo Tarot

Chapters are like mini stories within the story and Tea is for Tarot invites us to draw 10 cards for 10 chapters. As indicated in her post, we are supposed to write approximately 1600 words a day during NaNoWriMo. (Side note: I haven’t started yet! Unfortunately, I am still finishing up all these lovely spreads because I was travelling!). Follow along here: Day 10

The Chapters

We have the option to reorganize the 10 cards what drew into a more cohesive story, but I haven’t done so as I really haven’t had the chance to explore them just yet. Subsequently, the picture represents how I drew them. To start with, I think they look OK on first glance, but let’s explore shall we?

Chapter One
The Fool

Above all, this is the perfect  card for the beginning! Why not start with the first card in the Tarot’s Major Arcana? In the beginning our heroine, Austin, is hopeful and open. She’s looking toward a bright future unaware of what is in store for her. We’ll get to know who Austin is and what her life is like before the drama ensues.

Chapter Two
The Magician

Austin’s repertoire of skills represent the Magician’s energy. However, cunning and subterfuge, the reverse aspects of this card, are dangerous energies to play with.  Moving players about on the grand chess table is appealing for her, but something has to go wrong. I think, at the core of it, a dark choice Austin makes will contribute to the disaster. Over confidence? Weakness of will?

Chapter Three
Knight of Swords

Austin’s ideals are challenged and her analytical skills are put to the test. The villain makes his appearance and leaves Austin totally shaken.

Chapter Four
2 of Cups

Considering this is a mercenary suspense/mystery novel, love is sure in the air! This chapter introduces Austin to her love interest. Pretty straight forward as far as the chapters go.

Chapter Five
Page of Wands

Some of the conflict comes into play here when Austin makes snap decisions. As noted in Finding The Conflict , impulsiveness and the need to win are going to threaten Austins’s sanctuary.

Chapter Six
The Devil

Uh-oh! Will Austin give in to her desires? Will she go to the dark side? In this chapter Austin will wrestle with what her true wants are and what she needs to do to achieve them. Does Darius make her an offer that has her second guessing herself?

Chapter Seven
The Hanging Man

Respite is what Austin is seeking in this chapter. Taking a step back and finding a sanctuary to lick her wounds and reorient herself to where she needs to go.

Chapter Eight
Queen of Cups

Finally accepting her feelings for what they are, Austin connects to her intuition and gives trusting herself a chance. In this chapter, she also reveals how much she really cares for the people in her life.

Chapter Nine
Ace of Coins

Austin sees an opportunity and begins putting her plans into place. These plans will have a favorable outcome but are intense. However, this is only the start.

Chapter Ten
Three of Wands

Well now. We have arrived at the card for the love interest. Will this be the start of something wonderful? Or will something happen to him that Austin needs to act on in a future book? Can’t wait to find out!


The Genre
The Protagonist
The Journey Begins
Craft Your Premise
The Villain
The Heart of The Story
Meet The Supporting 
The Love Story
Build Your World

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