About Me - Moraine Lake Selfie
Moraine Lake

LIFE is the Adventure! I am lucky to live in Canada and be able to visit so many amazing places. However, I fully believe that adventure is an attitude not a destination.


20 years ago my dad gifted me with the Legend Arthurian Tarot. I was so excited and thought that it would make me seem more mysterious if I knew how to read the cards. Honestly, I referred to the accompanying book, Keeper of Words, whenever I read for my friends and family. BUT, I found the cards often were eerily accurate and my friends always seemed to have their mind blown. I wanted to be good at it back then, but I just couldn’t bring myself to focus on the learning of 78 cards!

Three years later, I became a mother and the real adventure began. Every day as a parent has taught me something new. Three years after that I became a wife and whole new set of adventures in growing up ensued. Another two years later and I would leave my hometown with my family to start over in Saskatchewan. You guessed it, MORE ADVENTURES!

I became friends with a woman who reignited my passion for the cards and other oracles, and I have since become a collector of decks and creator of rune sets. Through an exploration of friendship and spirituality, I became much more adept with oracles.

These same explorations led me to Yoga and I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in June of 2018. The experience was life-changing and I learned so much more about myself. So much so, that I wholeheartedly believe personal exploration through cards and the practice of yoga will enrichen your life as well!


My goal with this website and blog is to not only introduce you to these wonderful tools but also to be a catalyst for the change that you need in your life.

I want to show you how amazing YOU and YOUR LIFE are. I hope that you will share with me too by commenting on my posts. Together we can grow and learn more about ourselves!

Anyway I hope you’ll stick it out with me!

“Adventure isn’t hanging off a rope on the side of a mountain. Adventure is an attitude we must apply to the day to day obstacles of life.” – John Amat