What are oracles and how do they work?

Oracles are various tools used to gain insight. They can include Tarot cards, Oracle cards, Lenormand cards, Runes, Ogham Tree, Crystals, and Pendulums. They reveal aspects of a situation that you may not have considered and they help to guide you in a direction that is in line with your soul’s purpose.

Tell me about your readings. 

I use various oracles both individually and in combination but lean more towards Cards and Runes.  Prior to sitting down to a reading, I like to spend a few minutes clearing my energy and my space. This may include smudging or burning incense, laying out the tools I feel are needed for the reading, and a few moments of meditation to tune into the energy of the querent and/or the situation.

Can you tell the future?

While I do not believe that it is possible to foretell specific information or events, I believe that Oracles are an incredible tool for revealing hidden information or avenues. When things in our lives feel unsteady or overwhelming, our vision narrows, and we stop seeing the bigger picture.  Cards and runes show us things we may not have considered.

I also believe that the future is incredibly fluid. As we change and grow, so too does our future. I provide you with the information as it stands, but the choices you make as a result of that information may change the path that appeared in the cards.

What’s the point of getting a reading then?

There are a number of reasons why a reading may benefit you. Consulting the cards can help you problem solve by expanding or narrowing the scope of your focus. It may support your self-esteem and self-awareness in revealing to you all your wonderful qualities. Oracles often provide you with constructive challenges that help you to learn and grow. For some, it is simply an entertaining way to pass the time.

How does intuition play into it?

Getting right down to basics, intuition has a lot to do with EVERYTHING! Activating our survival instincts and triggering our flight or fight responses when we “sense” that something is wrong. Similar to a compass finding North, our bodies have a built-in system for sensing things about our environments. Over the past century, we’ve been teaching ourselves to ignore this normally innate ability. Sometimes intuition arrives as a flash of insight and sometimes just a gut feeling that you need to heed.

What types of clients do you work with?

I read for people who genuinely want to see positive change and growth in their lives. People from all walks of life who are ready to take ownership of their futures.

Can anyone develop their intuition or learn to read oracles?

Developing your intuition is simple but not easy. With years of practice at second-guessing yourself, it takes time to rebuild your connection with your inner self. Mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga are good for reconnecting.

Learning the generally accepted meanings of whatever oracle you pick up is just like taking a course and studying in school. However, connection to your intuition makes for much more accurate and relatable reading.

Are oracles ever unable to answer a question?

Absolutely, sometimes the powers that be don’t have the information needed to provide an answer. Not everything is meant to be revealed either.

Are there any times where you would refuse a question or a client?

Absolutely. I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.  It is important that both you, the querent, and I, the reader, come away from a reading feeling good. In some cases, I may find that I am not the reader for you. In these cases, I may recommend another reader that may work for you.

I will refuse service in any of these cases:

  • Rude, disrespectful, or abusive behaviour.
  • Obsessive questions or repeated visits.
  • For in-person readings, I will not read if you are intoxicated.

Are there subjects you will not do a reading for?

There are subjects that I feel I should not be reading on:

  • Legal questions
  • Medical questions

While I may note a need to seek a professional in these areas, I do not hold the appropriate qualifications to offer advice on these subjects. If I note a need to consult such a professional, I will advise.

What is your refund policy?

Sometimes life events occur. If I am unable to complete your reading for any reason, your money will be completely refunded. However, if you do not like your reading, I will not refund your money.