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Welcome to Ivalaine Oracles and Adventures

Ivalaine Oracles and Adventures is about helping you get more out of your life. Many of us are predisposed to being negative and focusing on what we think is wrong with our lives instead of discovering what is right with them.

Over the past couple of years I’ve taken a deeper look at what my life is like and I’ve discovered that much of what I thought was “wrong” with it is really my own doing. Also, I’ve learned that I’ve been taking a lot of stuff for granted: the people in my life, the work I do, and my contribution to the world. Even though this is a process, much like yoga, I’ve already noticed that as I’ve changed my perspectives on life, my general happiness has increased, my relationships have become stronger, my confidence has boosted, I’m stepping outside my comfort zone more often, and am experiencing a fuller life because of it.

It is by no means perfect but I don’t believe it should be. Balance is important. My philosophy is that we must experience the ugly, the hurt, and the difficulty if we are to truly appreciate the beautiful, the love, and the ease.

Join me on this journey and I believe you will see these effects too. I will keep it real. And I will challenge you. Together we will grow.

What is Adventure?

Adventure isn’t always going “somewhere else.”  For me adventure is an attitude that you bring to your life. Everything can be an adventure if you let go of your judgments about things. We get in our own way.  Adventure can be:

Trying new things.
Always learning.
Exploring our thoughts, feelings, etc.
Exploring our own backyards.

What Do Oracles Have to Do With Adventure?

In some ways, they are an adventure in and of themselves. Mysterious and alluring, they invite you to seek greater learning. Consulting Tarot, Oracles, Runes, Crystals, and many more forms of divination is sometimes a scary and thrilling prospect. After all in some faiths and cultures it is considered taboo, or even sinful to seeks knowledge from such things.

For me, they are a tool. I do not believe that I can tell you the future. Our futures are fluid and ever changing. They change as quickly as we change our minds! I believe I can use the oracles to help you build yourself into the best person you can be. When we feel consumed by a problem or issue, we often become very narrowly focused. Oracles help us to examine other aspects and energies surrounding a situation. Opening our minds to expand our awareness of the situation.


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