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Welcome to Ivalaine Oracles and Adventures

Ivalaine Oracles and Adventures wants to help you get more out of your life. Maybe you need a little more insight into a situation. Possibly, you are feeling disconnected from yourself. Perhaps you are over the status quo of your daily life and are looking to spice things up! Whatever your personal growth need, we have something for you!


Oracles are an adventure in and of themselves. Mysterious and alluring, they invite you to seek greater learning. Consulting Tarot, Oracles, Runes, Crystals, and many more forms of divination is sometimes a scary and thrilling prospect. After all in some faiths and cultures, it is considered taboo, or even sinful to seek knowledge of such things.

For me, they are a tool. I do not believe that I can tell you the future. Our futures are fluid and ever-changing. They change as quickly as we change our minds! I do believe that I can use the oracles to help you build yourself into the best person you can be. When we feel consumed by a problem or issue, we often become very narrowly focused. Oracles help us to examine other aspects and energies surrounding a situation. Opening our minds to expand our awareness of the situation.

Check back on Fridays for our free weekly reading. Or, check out the shop to purchase a personalized email reading. Want to book a reading party in the Northern Saskatchewan or Edmonton, Alberta areas? Send me an email!

Are you exploring using oracles yourself? Check out the blog for oracle related discussions or the Spread Portfolio for spreads you might want to try!


Adventure isn’t always going “somewhere else.”  Adventure is an attitude that you bring to your life. Often, we get in our own way with judgments, doubts, and fears. Step outside your self-imposed boxed and you might be surprised!  Adventure can be many different things. Some examples are:

Trying something new.
Learning a new skill.
Turning inward and examining thoughts, feelings, fears, and desires.
Exploring the world nearby.

Seeking adventure? I am in the process of developing some events and programs that will bring some adventure into your life so keep checking back, or sign up for my newsletter and be the first to hear!

I recently became an RYT200 Yoga Teacher and am setting up yoga classes in the Weirdale/Meath Park, SK area for this fall. Email me if you are interested!

I also completed my Level 1 Sea Kayak Training with Paddle Canada, so stay tuned for upcoming paddle day trips!


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