Here is a description of the various classes offered. Some of these classes are regular offerings and some are only offered occasionally. I took my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Prana Yoga Studio in Edmonton. 


I am trained in the Akhanda Yoga Tradition developed by Yogrishi Vishvketu. Akhanda means whole, complete, and indivisible. Quite similar to the meaning of Yoga! This is a slightly more spiritually focused class, and to be honest, my favorite! Check out Akhanda Yoga online for more information about this style of yoga. 

Each Akhanda class contains the following elements: 
A Theme
Discussion of Yogic Principles
Chanting of Mantras such as OM and the Akhanda Mantra
Pranayama (Breathwork)
Movement of the Spine in all directions:

  • Flexion (Forward Bending)
  • Extension (Back Bending)
  • Lateral Flexion (Side Bending)
  • Rotation (Spinal Twist)

Asanas in all the stations:

  • Standing Poses (including one-legged balancing poses)
  • Crouching Poses (may include arm balances)
  • Prone Poses (poses on the belly)
  • Supine Poses (poses on the back including savasana – may include inversions in higher level classes)


Do you have some mobility or range-of-motion issues? This class is for you.  All postures are completed from a standing position or from a chair. I offer options and variations so that you can find your own rhythm in the class.

The intention is to find a more gentle and easy flow that allows the student to tune into their bodies and explore their edges in a mindful way that does not cause pain or discomfort.


The Full Moon is an excellent time to acknowledge our blessings and release the things that do not serve us. This is a unique class that combines yoga with the mindful and spiritual ritual of releasing baggage, hindrances, and fears. Full Moon Yoga is a more Lunar flow so it is more calming and cooling than the more typical solar practices. Asana and pranayama calm you and connect you more deeply to yourself.  This class is only available when the Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday classes fall on the Full Moon. Bring a journal to log your thoughts and feelings.


Interested in cultivating more of the Divine Feminine in your life? Goddess Yoga does just that. Each class focuses on a specific Goddess’s stories and qualities. For example, when we explore the Hindu Goddess, Lakshmi, our asansas and breathwork invite abundance and love into our lives. A class focusing on Artemis cultivates a connection to the animal world and independence. This class is styled similar to an Akhanda class.

I took Goddess Yoga training with Sianna Sherman which encompassed the Hindu Goddesses: Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Kali. While my Goddess Yoga classes will incorporate some of the elements of these powerful teachings, the Goddess Yoga classes offered here are my own and extend beyond the Hindu traditions. 


Hatha Flow is a common form of Yoga practice. HA meaning Sun and THA meaning Moon, the purpose is to balance the body and the mind. Hatha, in Sanskrit, also means “forceful” or “strong.” This lends it to the idea of a physical practice. Hatha is a slower paced class giving you time to explore your edge and become more comfortable with the alignment of asanas in your body. 


Yoga class for kids aged 6-11. This class incorporates yoga principles, asanas, pranayama, mindfulness, games, crafts and partner/group asanas oriented to kids. This is a fun class that begins to teach kids mindfulness and how to focus while letting them explore the functions of their bodies.

I took my Yoga For Kids Training with Donna K. Freeman of Yoga In My School.


Yoga classes for those who need it most! Developing a yoga practice at this age helps teens become more comfortable with their bodies, feelings, and thoughts. Teaching principles of mindfulness, focus, and meditation help provide tools to teens that will help them manage these intense years.

I took my Yoga For Teens Training with Donna K. Freeman of Yoga In My School.

The age range for the Teen classes is 15-18. The age range for the Tween classes is 11-14. 


You and Me Yoga is a partner class. If you want to enjoy a fun class that brings you a little closer to someone important in your life, this is it! These classes have games and activities for pairs of people. Age limits vary for this class so please ensure you note the minimum age in the class booking.

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